The Best Treadmill

The Best Treadmill

When searching for the Best Treadmill for you, ask yourself a couple questions.

How often will you use it and how much time per day?
How much space do you have?

The most important part of is the . When looking at how much horsepower the motor has, think of the term continuous duty thats how long the Treadmill can keep working at the rate youre walking. If youre a runner, then youre probably going to want a continuous duty of 2.5. On the other hand, if you just want to use your treadmill for walking, then 1.5 should be fine.

Your height plays a role in getting the most from your treadmill. If youre taller, look for a treadmill with a belt thats 60 inches. You dont want to end up with a piece of exercise equipment that doesnt fit.

Give the potential treadmill a fair ride in the store if you can. Really walk or run on it for at least ten minutes. You may feel a little strange, Exercising in front of other customers as they walk by, but a few minutes of discomfort is nothing compared to having to haul the equipment back for a refund.

Does the belt cushion your steps adequately? Does the treadmill hold up as you Exercise on it, or is it unstable and wiggly? If its that way at the store, itll be that way and more so at home as you continue to use it.

What happens if the treadmill breaks or you find a part that doesnt work correctly? Will someone come to your home to fix it, or do you have to lug it back to the store? These questions are important to ask before the purchase.

The treadmill should have at least a 12 month warranty. Of course, the manufacturer takes the responsibility of fixing a problem, not the store itself. So youre going to be dealing with Technicians via phone.

If your space is limited, consider a treadmill that folds. If you plan to store it under your bed between uses, make sure it will actually fit under your bed when in the folded position. If not, its not worth the purchase.

You may want to consider the loudness of the Motor. In a large store, the treadmill wont sound as loud as it will in your living room. So if youre unnerved by the noise at the store, realize it wont be any quieter at home.

Using a treadmill can be a terrific form of exercise as long as you really have a quality piece of Equipment. If youve never owned a treadmill before, it may be wise to purchase one second-handed -just to see if you will use it. Then, if youre serious about working out on your treadmill, seek a higher quality one down the road.

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The Best Treadmill
The Best Treadmill
The Best Treadmill
The Best Treadmill

The Best Treadmill

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