How to Gain Muscle Mass

How To Gain Muscle Mass

All you guys out there who are just the average build, or maybe a little on the lean side have thought about Gain Muscle Mass at one time or another in your lives, right? As a teenager when the hormones are ripping up a storm and you are lifting weights to impress the girlies it is an easy matter to when you’re in your prime.

Well boys, you won’t stay there forever and by 25, you have already started to go down hill as life takes over (unless you are a professional weight lifter). You get a little soft, and one day you decide that it is time to get back in the game. After some soul searching in the mirror you decide that you need to know how to gain muscle mass to improve your self image. I am not talking about these huge biceped monsters; just enough to show a respectfully tight body. Of course, you can follow the advice on how to Gain Muscle Mass religiously and rival the Incredible Hulk if you want to, but you don’t have to!

So you begin your routine of how to build muscle mass and the protein shakes that the guy at the gym swears will help you pile on the muscle. You of course expect immediate results but, you are sorely disappointed when you look in the mirror once again. No change. Now it is time to hit the books and see what you can learn about gaining muscle mass. In the meantime, here are a few things to get you to thinking about how to gain muscle mass. Start slowly with the Weights and Build reps before weight start light, say 15 lbs; when you can do 25 reps each arm and not get tired then it is time to add more weight. Use the leg machines in the same way if you are trying to gain muscle mass on your legs as well. The butterfly using free weights is a good builder for the chest and then the good ol’ abs machine for those six packs!

Don’t take on more than you can handle when you want to know how to gain muscle mass; all that will do is make you sore or worse, you could hurt something badly. Torn muscles and ligaments are no laughing matter. Don’t work out daily; one of the keys of How to Gain Muscle Mass is not to do it too fast; your muscles need a day off in between lifting. Do some on the days you aren’t lifting. If you feel you must continue the protein shakes then go ahead, but there is more to be said for a good square balanced meal.

If you can use free weights for your arms/back/shoulders you will get more of a workout and use more muscle groups with the dumbbells. A good vitamin is a good idea for anyone but if you are in training, you should be taking a good complete vitamin. Drink plenty of water- not caffeine water, or energy boost water – just good old plain water. You will sweat a lot of it out and your body needs to replace what you lose. Stay away from smoking and chewing tobacco it won’t do a thing for you.

If you have a schedule and a good diet you will firm up and gain muscle mass as you continue your work outs and once you are where you want to be a couple times a week should keep you there. The aerobic workouts should remain a part of your routine too for your heart health. By now you should have seen a decent gain in muscle mass and definition if you are working out religiously. Go by your family body type, if no one has the huge muscles you see on TV, it is doubtful you will get them.

Go for a lean hard look with a decent gain of muscle mass and good health. The illegal hormones aren’t the way to go; neither are steroids. All they will do is make you angry with a big attitude and a small “package”: definitely not an asset in the dating world.

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How To Gain Muscle Mass

How To Gain Muscle Mass

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