Exercise Help for Body Building

Exercise Help For Body Building

What is Isometrics?

Isometrics is using against themselves with tension instead of lifting weights you would tense the muscles for a count then relax them and do it again. This works for any voluntary muscles on the body. It is the same principle as the Kegel exercises given to women after the birth of babies, and it is used to help control incontinence. These muscle contraction movements work to build muscle and just by contracting and relaxing. It goes something like this- tense up your bicep as tight as you can and count ten, release it for a count of 5 and repeat. You can make muscles work against each other by grasping your hands together and you can push against them and count. Moving your arms changes the way the muscles contract and uses different muscles.


This is also a good way to Build Muscle without weights after an injury before doing any active weight lifting. It is a good way to warm up before lifting too if you want to combine the two. You can also use other ways without actual weights – books and cans are good for lighter weights for some resistance. When you are doing push ups, get a back pack and put books or rocks in it this will give you more of a work out. If you want a real challenge, try your two handed Exercise with one hand or leg instead of both of them. That is another way to build muscle without weights.

Of course proper diet is a factor too in your quest for Body Building muscles without weights. Stay away from sweet and most fat it will just slow you down and make you want to sleep. Don’t forget your heart healthy exercise too! You can also do resistance Exercises with rubber bands or even inner tubes! Try to do everything in slow motion, tense your muscles in your arm as you move it. Do deep knee bends slowly down slowly and up just as slow. There are all kinds of things you can do use your imagination to invent ways to build muscle without weights!

Want to put some challenge into a push up? Try it heading down hill or get some thing that is stable enough to put your hands on and add some height to them then when you go down you will be going past your hands to the floor and adding more work for your shoulder muscles. Building muscle without weights is easy if you just use some imagination. If you keep to a routine, it will make you healthier anyway and you will want to do more as you begin to look better and feel better


Your body will be functioning like a well maintained machine and it will be actually easier to build Muscle without weights. You can also go back to high school days… remember calisthenics? Believe it or not, these will build muscle and give your heart a work out! This way of building muscle without weights has been around forever! Long before the days of aerobics and cross Training! No tools needed, just a good pair of shoes and the time to do them! Now how is that for inexpensive and healthy? You can do them anywhere you wish. No set up time involved other than changing clothes. And for the fans of the old ways, cali’s are retro! In closing I would like to say good luck on your quest for building muscles without weights. You can do it!

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Exercise Help For Body Building
Exercise Help For Body Building
Exercise Help For Body Building
Exercise Help For Body Building

Exercise Help For Body Building

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