Eating Healthy For A Big Game

Eating Healthy For A Big Game

With the Big Game around the corner, the first thing a player needs to keep in mind is to stay lean and fit. Regular and a Healthy diet keep a player in the best of shape to play that all-important game, but playing the Big Game adds its own level of physical and mental strengths.

There are specific Exercises to do and foods that an athlete or player can consume to gain stamina and strength. One of the important parts of gaining muscle is definitely to exercise.

Apart from this, regular protein intake is necessary to give the body its required strength and help build . Necessary amount of protein supplements are a quick and easy way to get nourishment, but not recommended.

Protein-rich meals can be consumed everyday, avoiding unnecessary spending on protein Supplements. Always remember excess of anything is not good. Few people go a step ahead and take in excess protein, which is only stored as extra energy or fat.

Before your game, eat a low fat meal with enough proteins and carbohydrates and give at least 2 hours for your stomach to digest the food.

When you know your game will last for more than an hour, ensure you consume meals with lots of Carbohydrates 2 to 3 days before your game. This ensures that muscles store more, and gives you higher endurance during your long game. An ideal diet break up of calories for sportsmen is, approximately 60% of carbohydrates, 20% protein and 20% fat.

After practicing and sweating, replace your body’s depleted salts and minerals. You can do so with your regular Meals, limejuice or glucose. Make sure all bodily minerals are replaced, as you don’t want to get dehydrated. Ignoring thirst after a long hard game can lead to cramps as well.

So Eating make sure all bodily fluids are replenished in due time.

The next question that will arise is what are the ideal sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates etc. To give you a brief description of each source of nutrients:

· For the right amount of vitamins and minerals, each meal should contain bright coloured vegetables like carrots, spinach, and pepper.
· To get an adequate amount of Calcium, milk and all dairy products are the best option.
· For iron, you should eat chicken, tuna, and leafy green vegetables.
· For a good amount of protein, go for fish, chicken, soy products, and nuts.
· Fibrous food such as wheat or pasta is rich in carbohydrates. Sportsmen should eat this to acquire adequate amount of energy to be stored in the muscles.
· Lastly, to replenish your body of all Vitamins and salts lost due to sweating, water is the option. The ideal amount would be 1 cup of water, after every twenty to thirty minutes of exercise.

While a few sportsmen maintain a balanced diet, some concentrate on Burning calories and losing weight, so, when you need to excel, ensure that you get the right amounts of all nutrients to excel.

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Eating Healthy For A Big Game
Eating Healthy For A Big Game
Eating Healthy For A Big Game
Eating Healthy For A Big Game

Eating Healthy For A Big Game

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