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Post-Workout Meal

After Workout Meal, I would always make 5 eggs (5 egg whites with only 2 yolks) mixed in the skillet with fresh cut mushrooms, green peppers, poblano peppers, and black beans. I use different spices to bring

How to Drop Body Fat Without Starving Yourself

I need to explain something about this dieting guide before we get into everything… If you’re in a crunch and you want (or need) to lose weight or Body Fat FAST, then you’re not going to find

The Truth about Muscle Building Supplements

Open any fitness magazine and you’ll fine ad after ad promoting Supplements, diet pills and protein shakes. With every product proclaiming itself to be the one thing you need to put on the muscle you’ve always wanted,

The Best Foods for Building Muscle

Apart from your workout, what you eat is the most important aspect of Building Muscle. If you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs, you’ll lose fat and build muscle much faster. On the other hand, if

Three Diet Tips for Serious Muscle Builders

Serious Muscle Builders treat their diet in an almost scientific, equation-like manner. What is the scientifically proven, most effective way to build more muscles? It takes a lot of discipline to follow the rigid guidelines for developing

Why Calories Aren’t a Good Metric

When it comes to losing weight or Building Muscles, the amount of calories you eat is one of the most common metrics you’ll find talked about. Unfortunately, this simply is not a good metric for tracking and

A Diet Training Program To Burn Fat

An uncomplicated Diet Training Program that simply works, is best augmented by a diet that is also simple and effective. Spartans don’t walk around with little notepads writing down everything they eat as if they were a

A Good Diet is Essential to An Effective Bbody Building Program

For Body Builders, you’ll need much more. Soda, coffee, and tea don’t count either. The caffeine can increase fluid loss, so you’re not getting the hydration you need. Body builders need at least a half gallon to

The Benefits Of Fats You Should Know

Fats are actually an important part of any diet. They play an important role in protecting the body’s vital organs. Fats keep the body insulated; maintain healthy hair and skin as well as providing a sense of

Fats Are The Main Source Of Energy In The Body

Yes, even when you are Body Building the perfect body, you’ll still need some fats in your diet. Fats are the main source of energy in the body. Fats combines with glucose for energy in order to